Student Handbook

The following topics and information can be found in our Student Handbook. You can download an print-friendly version of our 2022-2023 Student Handbook as a PDF here.

General Information

Academic Achievement

Student academic achievements are acknowledged and rewarded each quarter. Students who earn a grade point average (GPA) of at least a 3.0 are on the Honor Roll. The Principal’s list is for students who attain a GPA of 3.5 or higher. Students with perfect 4.0 GPA’s are also recognized.

Academic Expectations

Middle school students are expected to pass ALL classes. It is the responsibility of all students to apply consistent and sustained effort toward learning experiences that are assigned. Students with six or more failing grades will be required to pass summer school to be promoted to the next grade. Recommendations for promotion or retention will be made by May 30th each year. The building principal will make the final decision about retention. Yearbook Our Middle School annual is published each year. It includes pictures of students, faculty, activities, athletics and other events from the school year. Students should make a deposit or pay the full amount of $15.00 prior to the delivery of the annual. Annuals are available only on a first come, first serve basis. Therefore, order and reserve your copy early. They are handed out in the spring of each year.


Our Middle School annual is published each year. It includes pictures of students, faculty, activities, athletics and other events from the school year. Students should make a deposit or pay the full amount of $15.00 prior to the delivery of the annual. Annuals are available only on a first come, first serve basis. Therefore, order and reserve your copy early. They are handed out in the spring of each year.

Appointments During School Hours

Whenever possible, we encourage student appointments to be after school hours. However, we realize this sometimes is not feasible. If it is necessary for parents to pick up a student during school hours, it will save a lot of time if you will follow the guidelines below.
  • Parent/guardian should send a note with student stating the time parent will arrive for pick up.
  • The student is to show the note to the teacher. The teacher will release the student at the appropriate time and student will report to the office.
  • Parent/guardian signs student out.
  • If the student returns to school the same day, he/she will sign in at the office and obtain an admit slip.

Associated Student Body (ASB)

The ASB works to promote student interest and plan student activities. Money from fundraisers and the sale of ASB membership supports all sports teams, equipment, uniforms, team travel and officials. ASB also provides materials for other school activities such as academic recognition, school improvement projects, dances, field trips and socials. All students who participate in co-curricular activities must pay for ASB membership. A sticker will then be placed on the student’s I.D. card. The fee for Middle School students is $20.00.



In case of an absence, the student must bring a written statement from the parent/guardian explaining the absence. This note must be presented at the office BEFORE the student reports to class.

A. Excused Absences

1. Illness or health condition, verified by a parent or guardian. For extended or frequent illness, the building Principal will require a doctor’s statement. 2. Activities scheduled by student and parent, pre-arranged and approved by building administration at least one day in advance of absence. 3. An unexcused absence may be changed to excused with a parent note and administration approval. This must be done within five (5) days of the absence. 4. Class work may be made up—2 days for every 1 day they are gone

B. Unexcused Absences

An unexcused absence is any absence that is not included under Section A above. Truancy is also an unexcused absence.

C. Tardiness

Students are expected to be in class on time. For purposes of this policy, a student more than ten (10) minutes late for class is recorded by the teacher as absent.

D. Tardy Policy - Resets Every Quarter

1st tardy—Warning 2nd tardy—Warning 3rd tardy—Warning 4th tardy—Lunch Detention Assigned by Principal * For every 2 tardies thereafter—student will be assigned a Lunch Detention by the principal.

Bicycles, Skateboards, Skates and Scooters

All bicycles must be securely chained to the bike rack provided upon arrival to school. It is the student’s responsibility to provide his or her own lock and chain. For safety reasons, the use of skateboards, skates or roller blades is not permitted on campus. Students must be OFF CAMPUS before riding.

Bus Procedures


Each teacher is responsible for the conduct of students in his/her room and will have classroom regulations relating to student welfare and responsibilities. Each teacher will, at the beginning of each school year, review classroom rules and procedures with all class members.

Closed Campus

Finley Middle School is a closed campus school. This means that students must remain on campus during the entire school day from the time they arrive at school until the end of the scheduled day. A student may leave campus for an appointment or activity only with parent/guardian permission AND ONLY AFTER SIGNING OUT IN THE OFFICE.

Dances / Activities

Students attending school dances will not be allowed to leave and return. Only Finley Middle School Students may attend FMS Dances. Students participating in or attending after school activities must be in school for one-half (1/2) day on the day of the activity, unless the absence is a result of participation in a school-sponsored activity. REMEMBER: All school rules and policies are in force at any school activity.


Dress Regulations

Property Regulations

It is recommended by Finley Middle School that valuable property items remain at home. If they are brought to school, it must be with the understanding that you do so at your own risk.

Cell phones and other electronics may only be used in the common area before school and during lunch. These electronics including (headphones, earbuds, etc) are to be turned off and stored in hallway lockers during all other times. Such devices are intended for individual use and should not be used for group viewing and listening. Devices may not be used in the hallways during the school day and between classes. Violations of this expectation will result in the following discipline. Cell phone will not be allowed in the locker-room and must remain in your pocket when using the restroom during breakfast and lunch.

  • 1st Offense: Confiscation of device and returned to student at end of the day
  • 2nd Offense: Confiscation and returned to parent/guardian
  • 3rd Offense: Major Discipline Referral
No permanent or dry erase markers, laser pointers, paint, rubber bands, or aerosol cans.

Drug and Alcohol Use/Abuse Program


Fees such as ASB cards and lost/damaged school articles are set annually and must be paid prior to the completion of the current school year. Fees and fines outstanding will result in holding records until paid. Report cards will not be distributed to students who owe fines or fees.

Hallway Behavior

  • Walk on the right, now running.
  • Hands and feet to yourself.
  • Classroom voices.
  • No bumping, shoving, or body contact permitted.
  • Do not block hallways.

Treat all people with dignity and respect at all times.

I.D. Cards

Identification cards will be issued to each student. They are used for admittance to school functions and for library check out. They also serve as lunch cards for students. Replacement cost for a card will be $5.00.

Internet Policy

District Policy allows all students access to the internet for school use unless an OPT-OUT form is signed and on file in the office. Internet use is monitored by the district and inappropriate use could lead to loss of access and suspension from school.


Each student will be provided a hall locker and must use only the locker assigned to them. The lockers in the main building have a lock built in and must remain locked at all times. It is important that the office know at all times which students are in which lockers. Students are
not to trade lockers
or share lockers without first getting permission from the office. Do not place an external lock on your locker. It will be cut off. Keep your locker locked, and do not share your combination with anyone. The locker is subject to inspection at any time by the

Loitering After School

Students who are not participating in school-sanctioned activities (i.e., sports, clubs, tutoring, etc.) are to leave the campus at the end of the regular school day unless working under staff supervision.

Child Nutrition

Medications at School

Any medication required during the school day must be kept in the office. An authorization form signed by both the physician and parent must accompany the medication. This form is needed for prescriptions as well as any over the counter medications such as aspirin, tylenol, ibuprofen and cough drops.

Photo Permission

Classroom activities and school events sometimes are photographed for purposes of news media coverage or school publicity (newsletters, website, brochures, etc). If you do NOT wish to have your child(ren) photographed for such purposes, an OPT-OUT form must be signed and on file in the office. A form must be completed for each child you wish NOT to be photographed.


School Day / Schedule

Our school day begins at 7:50 a.m. and ends at 2:20 p.m., except on Wednesday when school ends at 12:30 p.m. Students must wait outside until doors open at 7:25 a.m. and must use the courtyard entrance to the commons area. Students arriving after the 1st period tardy bell need to use the front office entrance and sign in. Students who have notes for being absent may come to the office beginning at 7:25 a.m. After school, all students must leave campus or be in a supervised activity by 2:30 p.m. Office hours are from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. daily.

Regular Day Schedule
Period 1  7:50 - 8:50
Period 2 8:45 - 9:50
Period 3 9:45 - 10:50
Lunch 10:50-11:20
Period 4 11:24 - 12:20
Period 5 12:24-1:20
Period 6 1:24-2:20
Early Release Wednesday Schedule
Period 1  7:50-8:28
Period 2 8:32-9:10
Period 3 9:14-9:52
Period 4 9:56-10:34
Lunch 10:34-11:04
Period 5 11:08-11:46
Period 6 11:50-12:30



Students in the Office for Disciplinary Reasons

Students who have been sent to the office for any disciplinary reason must comply with the request of school staff without disrupting the office. If they are disrespectful or disruptive, they will contact parents and be sent home for the day. If parents cannot be reached, the student will face progressive disciplinary action.


Telephone Use

The office phone is a business phone and is available to students only in the case of ILLNESS or EMERGENCY. Remember to make arrangements for a ride home IN ADVANCE.




Finley Middle School students in general have a reputation for treating their school very well and the school is in excellent condition. The Finley School Board has consistently allocated funds to maintain the building in excellent condition.

When vandalism or destruction of school property occurs, the cost of repairing it will be charged to the person or persons responsible if it is possible to identify them. When no individual culprit can be identified, the ASB fund will be charged for the actual cost of repairs.




Our school encourages parents to visit their student’s classes. All visitors must register in the school office. No one will be allowed to visit a classroom or student during school hours without approval from the Principal’s office. Such permission must be obtained in advance. 
Note: Permission will not be granted for school age friends/relatives to visit school.


Student Rights and Responsibility Code


This code sets forth the written rules and regulations of the Finley School District regarding student conduct, corrective action and rights, and it indicates the types of misconduct for which discipline, suspension and expulsion may be imposed. In addition to these rules and regulations, each school in the District may provide additional rules and procedures regarding student conduct and the administering of corrective action at that school.

This handbook is promulgated and distributed pursuant to Washington Administrative Code Chapter 180- 40, which prescribes substantive and procedural due process rights of students. A copy of board policies and WAC 180-40 may be obtained from the Office of the Superintendent of the District.

This handbook is also in compliance with Public Law 101-2226, the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments. Compliance with standards of conduct is mandatory.


Student Rights






Standards of Student Conduct

Prohibition of Harassment, Intimidation, Cyber Bullying & Bullying

It is the policy of the Finley School District that no student or staff member should be subjected to harassment at school or work for any reason. Therefore it is the policy of the Finley School Board that all employees and students will deal with all persons in ways that convey respect and consideration for all individuals. This is true regardless of regard to race, creed, religion, color, national origin, sex, marital status, sexual orientation including gender expression or identity, veteran or military status, the presence of any sensory, mental of physical disability, or the use of a trained 17 dog guide or service animal by a person with a disability according to RCW 49.60 and 28A.642 Laws Against Discrimination. District programs shall be free from sexual harassment. Acts of harassment, hostility or defamation directed at anyone whether verbal or physical will not be tolerated and constitute grounds for disciplinary action.

Harassment is an issue to be taken seriously whether it occurs in the workplace, in the school or other setting; Harassment in the workplace and educational setting is unlawful. In fact, harassment against employees and students may violate one or more of a variety of federal and state laws and district policies. The school district may be held liable for harassing conduct of those in their employment or under their control or supervision.

It is a violation of District Policy 6590 to knowingly report false allegations of sexual harassment. Persons found to knowingly report or corroborate false allegations will be subject to appropriate discipline.

For further information, please refer to District Policy 6590 and 3210 or contact the district office.


Student Misconduct



Disciplinary Actions and Appeal Processes

Lunch/After School Detention Guidelines

In-School Suspension

Guidelines for the in-school suspension program are as follows:

  • A student who is afforded the opportunity to be assigned to the in-school suspension program as an option to suspension shall agree to the conditions specified by the school principal. Unless the student is of majority age, concurrence from the parent or guardian is necessary.
  • The in-school suspension program is designed to encourage learning. Students will be expected to work on their classroom assignments at all times.
  • Any act of inappropriate conduct may result in denial of this alternative to other corrective actions.
  • A student shall remain isolated from other students throughout the school day and will be denied the opportunity of participating in any school activities while in the in-school suspension program.
  • An assignment to the in-school suspension program shall not exceed five days. As such, the appeal process for a short-term suspension shall be in effect.
  • The student shall develop a behavior contract while in the in-school suspension program. The student, his/her parent or guardian and a staff member shall sign the contract which defines the expected future behavior of the student.
  • After a student is placed back into the regular classroom(s), the principal will monitor the student's progress on a daily basis. The student will be encouraged to maintain a relationship with the school counselor as a means of dealing with any problems that arise.

Short-Term Suspension

Emergency Expulsion

A student may be excluded from school prior to a hearing without other forms of corrective action if the principal reasonably believes the student is an immediate and continuing danger to himself/herself, other students, staff, or administrators or is a substantial disruption to the educational process of the district. Such emergency expulsion shall continue until the student is reinstated by the principal or until a fair hearing is held and a final determination reached. The hearing officer may continue the emergency expulsion if he/she finds that the student continues to present an immediate and continuing danger to himself/herself, other students, staff, or administrators or continues to cause a substantial disruption to the educational process of the district.

The provisions governing notice and hearing of regular long-term suspensions or expulsions shall apply except:

  • Written notice of the emergency expulsion shall be sent by certified letter deposited in the U. S. mail within twenty-four hours of the expulsion or by hand delivery to the student’s parent(s) or guardian(s) within twenty-four hours of the expulsion and documenting delivery by obtaining his or her signature acknowledging receipt or the written certification of the person making the delivery;
  • The parent and student shall have ten school business days after receipt of the notice during which to request a hearing. A schedule of “school business days” potentially applicable to the exercise of such hearing right should be included with the notice; and
  • The hearing officer shall render the decision within 1 school business day after the conclusion of the hearing.

Long-Term Suspension or Expulsions

Emergency Removal

A student may be removed immediately from a class or subject by a teacher or administrator without other forms of corrective action and sent to the principal or a designated school official, without first attempting corrective action, provided that the teacher or administrator has good and sufficient reason to believe that the student’s presence poses an immediate and continuing danger to the student, other students or staff or an immediate and continuing threat of substantial disruption of the class, subject, or educational process of the student’s school. The removal shall continue only until:

  • The danger or threat ceases, or

  • The principal acts to impose discipline, impose a short-term or long-term suspension or expulsion or to impose an emergency expulsion.

The principal shall meet with the student as soon as reasonably possible following the student’s removal and take or initiate appropriate corrective action or punishment. In no case shall the student’s opportunity for such meeting be delayed beyond commencement of the next school day.
The teacher or administrator who removed the student shall be notified of the action, which has been taken or initiated.

Readmission Application Procedures

Any student who has been suspended or expelled shall be allowed to make application for readmission at any time. If a student desires to be readmitted to the school from which he/she has been suspended/ expelled, the student shall submit a written application to the principal, who shall recommend admission or non-admission. If a student wishes admission to another school, he/she shall submit the written application to the superintendent. The application shall include:

  • Reasons the student wants to return and why the request should be considered;
  • Evidence which supports the request; and
  • A supporting statement from the parent or others who may have assisted the student.

NOTE: The superintendent shall, in writing, advise the parent and student of the decision within seven (7) school days of the receipt of such application.