Google Classroom Instructions

Signing Up for Google Classroom: Finley Middle School Students

Many teachers also utilize Google Classroom. Students can access these classes by following the directions below:

Step 1: On the internet, search

Step 2: Enter your username (last name.first and enter your 8-digit password. (NOTE: You will need to enter your full email address on your computer.)

Step 3: Accept the next screen and choose Student.

Step 4: Click the + on the top right side of the screen.

Step 5: Click "Get Started."

Step 6: Join a class with its unique class code. Enter the class code to upload the class tile.

Step 7: Click on Classwork to review the posted assignments. Click on an assignment to view it.

Step 8: To Submit work to Classroom, go to View Assignment on the right side of the screen.
A.  If a small picture or thumbnail image is present, you do not need to attach it.
B.  If the thumbnail image is not present, click the + Add or create button.
C.  Your assignment is in Google Drive. Click on the assignment.
D.  If successful, the "Turn in" button should highlight.
E.  You will be asked again to turn in your work.
F.  The "unsubmit" button will be available. Once you turn in work, you cannot edit it, so be sure to finish your work before turning it in.

Finley Middle School Google Classroom Codes

* Codes are case sensitive!


period 1   zcnsha2
Period 2   oiswhpp
Period 3   juoda6t
period 4   53g54as
period 5   yzy44o7


Period 1- ELA Code:  e6tc27v
Period 2 - MathCode:  ezq4myf
Period 3 - Math Code:  kwz4njs
Period 4/5 - ELA Code:  136atkr


6th grade science students already have login information; however, if you are having difficulty logging in, email me at and let me know...l can always send you the login info in case you forgot.


6th Period Band - tfqzc7g
5th Period Band - mau72nb
4th Period Band - e6gddzt


Period 1 - uh6uweg
Period 2 - wqbbaor
Period 3 - nc4bkrz


US History 8 Period 4 - ahzxyje
US History 8 Period 6 - qicdnk6
washhistory 7 - o4amra3


6th Grade Read 180 - mmlnioj
7th Grade Read 180 - 3iko6oa


Class 8-1 e5ds4aT
Class 8-3 zouqody
Class 8-5 hj2sukr
Class 7-4 dmavu2d
Class 7-6 weat2mu


ELA 8-2 (Period 2): hs7mrf3
ELA 7-3 (Period 3): 7Skq7pe
ELA 8-5 (Period 5): pee4pth
ELA 7-6 (Period 6): qdoydSw
ELA 6 (Witt's Classes from Hendrix Classroom): fhevrx6


7th grade google classroom code - bcigknp
8th grade google classroom code - bupng7q


3rd Period - vfragck
4th Period - bi6a6Ik
5th Period - 3r2mmel

New activity codes
Tile Pile SEP3JK
Marcellus the Giant 33TKW8
Talking Time PJ5KQB


8th Grade READ 180: hidejan
6th Grade ELA: 3oxi6gz