7th and 8th graders may participate in interscholastic sports if they meet the academic standards for extracurricular activities. 

To be eligible for athletics, a Middle School student must:

  • Be enrolled in and regularly attend a minimum of five (5) classes per day.
  • Maintain a passing grade in all classes (no F’s).
  • Submit a signed eligibility statement, a signed physical examination form and proof of insurance coverage.
  • Purchase an ASB Card

FMS Student Eligibility Expectations

  1. Student must be passing all classes at Finley Middle School to be eligible to participate in any school sponsored activity.
  2. Students will be checked at the end of each mid-quarter, quarter, and semester to determine eligibility.
  3. Students who are placed on the ineligibility list will stay on that list until the end of each eligibility check. At which time the list will be updated.
  4. Any ineligible student must take around an eligibility form on Friday to get eligible for the following week. Each of the student’s teachers and the building administrator must sign the form. Eligibility forms will be available in the office for student to pick up. At this time the student will be eligible for the following week only.
  5. Student seeking eligibility must be cleared through the regular school hours, 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

A student who does not meet the academic eligibility requirements shall be ineligible during the first three (3) weeks of the succeeding quarter. They may participate during practice, but will be ineligible to play in competitions during this time. If, at the end of the probation period, the student has raised grades to meet this standard, he/she will again be eligible. In the event of a school holiday, three or more teaching days will constitute a week.

Below is a list identifying the seasons and interscholastic sports in which 7th and 8th grade students may compete:

FALL SPORTS: Football and Volleyball
WINTER I SPORTS: Boys Basketball and Girls Dance Team
WINTER II SPORTS:  Girls Basketball and Wrestling
SPRING SPORTS: Baseball and Softball

In order for any student to participate in athletics in Finley, the following forms must be completed and turned in prior to participation.
  • Sports Physical Form
  • Medical Emergency Authorization Form
Please visit the district Athletics Department webpage or contact Finley Athletic Director Ryan Helms at or 582-2158 to learn more about requirements and other information.