Bus Procedures

Finley School District's Transportation Department is committed to the safety of our students and staff. We strive to provide safe, reliable and efficient transportation services for our students while maintaining the highest possible operating standards and providing competent and well-trained staff. In the event of an actual emergency, emergency exit drill procedures will be followed. Student’s misconduct will be sufficient reason for transportation to be discontinued for those involved. Parents of students damaging school buses will be responsible for reimbursement. 


  • The driver is in full charge of the bus and students.
  • Students shall ride their regularly assigned bus at all-time unless permission has been granted by the school authorities.
  • Unless by permission of school authorities, no student shall be permitted to leave the bus except at his/her regular stop.
  • Each student may be assigned a seat in which he will be seated at all times.
  • Outside of ordinary conversation, classroom conduct must be obeyed.
  • Students are to assist in keeping the bus clean and refrain from throwing items out of the bus.
  • No eating or drinking is allowed on the bus.
  • No tobacco, matches, lighters or firearms allowed on the bus.
  • No student will open a window without first receiving permission from the driver.
  • Students must see that they have nothing in their possession that may cause injury to another student.
  • Students must remain seated and keep all emergency exits and aisle ways clear.
  • No student shall sit in the driver’s seat.
  • Students are to remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.
  • Students must leave bus in orderly manner.
  • Students must cross the highway ONLY in front of the bus and ONLY with the consent of the school bus driver.

(Finley School District Procedure 6605P) 


  • Students must not stand or play on the roadway while waiting for the bus.
  • Students should arrive at the bus stop no more than 10 minutes before the scheduled arrival of the bus.
  • Students must wait to board the bus in an orderly manner; no games, no cuts, no throwing of objects.
  • Students must respect private property while waiting for the bus.
  • Students who walk some distance to and from the bus must walk on the left side of the roadway.


In order to assure safety and monitor the conduct of students riding the school buses, the Finley School District Transportation Department has placed a video surveillance system in each bus. The video footage may be reviewed by the school personnel and/or parents.